Water Monitoring Station

Better water resource control through technology

About the Product

The Water Monitoring Station measures key watercourse parameters, such as water level, water velocity, water temperature, and environmental data.

Monitor the main parameters needed to assess the state of water resources.

Water Monitoring Station


  • Measure key parameters, such as water level, water velocity and water temperature in real-time
  • Enable fully autonomous operations all year round, regardless of weather
  • Provide effortless multi-platform integration utilizing standard protocols

Technical Specification:

# Parameter Water Monitoring Station Advanced
1 Watercourse Sensor Options: Water Level Radar Sensor
Water Velocity Radar Sensor
Water Temperature Sensor
Water Quality (available in 2022)
2 Environmental Sensor Options: Temperature, Humanity and Pressure Sensor
Advanced Precipitation Sensor
Precipitation Sensor
Wind Speed Sensor
Wind Direction Sensor
3 Power Supply: Power Grid Connectivity (110V/220V)
Solar Panel
UPS Battery
4 Wireless Connectivity: GSM
5 Protection Level: IP65, for outdoor mounting
Water Monitoring Station

Why our Device?

  • Monitors all key parameters. Simultaneously monitors key watercourse and environmental parameters in real-time.
  • Operates autonomously. Operates autonomously with no need of access to the power grid.
  • Has durable construction. IP65 rating for outdoor mounting.
  • Easy to install. Fast and easy to install, maintain, and support.
  • Easy to integrate. Effortless multi-platform integration utilizing standard protocols.
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