Why to Invest in Urban Air Quality Management?

Business Case of Urban Air Quality

Today poor air quality has real
consequences to people:


of the urban population in Europe is exposed to poor air quality

2 years

of the lifespan of each European citizen are lost due to air pollution


premature deaths occur in Europe per year due to air pollution

Air pollution is manageable only if a city can answer five key questions:

  • 1.
    What are the pollution levels in the city?
  • 2.
    What are the main pollutants at each district?
  • 3.
    Who are the main pollution contributors?
  • 4.
    What actions to take to improve air quality?
  • 5.
    Are these actions effective?

Our Urban Air Quality solutions empower cities and authorities to improve air quality by providing data-driven answers to the five key questions

We empower cities to map the pollution levels city-wide, figure out who are the main pollutants and apply measures to improve Air Quality

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