Aligned Waters Digital Twin Platform

Consolidated, multi-layer, foundational digital twin platform for water utilities

The Challenge

Water supply

Water supply network management requires laborious on-site inspection


Expensive, thus rarely done, leading to out-of-date information

Data for the water

Data for the water supply network is on paper or is siloed in legacy systems


Fragmented view on the network leading to poor decisions

No visibility

No visibility on when, where, and for how long leaks are occurring


Practically impossible to define targeted repair actions that decrease water loss

Our Solution

Aligned Waters

Aligned Waters

a digital twin platform for rapid digitalization of water supply networks

the 1st digital twin solution designed for digitally immature water utilities

Platform Structure

Water supply infrastructure mapping
Real time data telemetry
Advanced machine learning

What are the benefits?

  • A step-by-step solution towards a digital twin
  • All critical data in a single solution
  • Simple, intuitive and easy to use
  • Empower water utilities to detect water loss and act
  • No staff retrain required
  • No upfront investment

Why is our solution better?

What are the benefits?
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