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Nominated as Best IoT Startup of the Year

September 6, 2019

9 months since establishment, 3 finalized products, 7 partners around the world, 3 completed projects (1 international), 3 happy customers, 1 of the only 4 solutions recognized by Microsoft in their Global IoT Awards (with the Sofia Air Quality Monitoring project), and tons of enthusiasm and dedication towards making IoT technology practical, and bringing value in the real world.

We are now a National Finalist for Bulgaria for the Central European Startup Awards in the category for BestIoTStartup.

We can win if we have your support and your vote. Why do we want to win? Because this award will provide international awareness to more cities and countries on how IoT can help beat air pollution practically, have clean air in our cities and use our water resources optimally.

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Category: Best IoT Startup
Country: Bulgaria
Nominee: Develiot