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Great results and experience from our Start.up! Germany journey

November 1, 2019

In 4 days we visited multiple events at the West part of Germany, pitching to investors, meeting with potential partners, and starting some new projects.

Day 1 was intense and challenging! We started in Dusseldorf, moved to Ratingen to pitch to Mitsubishi Electric Europe, later had "speed-dates" with potential partners in Duisburg, and finished with an amazing tech meetup organized by WestVisions.

Day 2 provided 2 interesting events: We were "the jury" this time on a Reverse Pitch event in Dortmund. There regional corps, such as E.ON, Evonik Corporation, VAHLE, and many others, shared about their IoT projects and smart ventures, followed by a 1-to-1 discussions on how can we partner together. Then we were back on the pitch stage, where we shared our value prop to members of the jury of the RuhrSummit Startup Competition. Great interest. Great feedback. Great validation on our way of doing Industrial IoT. 

Day 3 brought us to Essen with a great discussion on how to access the German market. We had the opportunity to get insights and straight answers from local experts and entrepreneurs with real, on the ground experience, on how to access the market, how to approach local businesses, how to approach German cities for smart projects and what are the investment trends around here. We later went to Bochum to join the RuhrSummit - the largest B2B startup event in Germany. Actually, now we are in discussion with a local startup we met there, who can add additional value on our solution and approach the German market together.

Day 4 provided a great final: we were invited to Leverkusen to share about our products and approach with Bayer and later, we moved to Cologne to meet with companies, such as Siemens, RheinEnergie AG, and 1. FC Köln GmbH & Co. KGaA, learning first-hand about their local and global smart initiatives.

Big thanks to AHK Bulgarien for the opportunity to join Start.up! Germany and big thanks also to IHK Dortmund for the great program and organization to meet so many established companies and so many other startups from all over the globe.